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Simba Industries, part of the Simba Group, is a distributor of the leading brands of inverters, power backup systems and equipment for the power sector, in Nigeria. Through our collaboration with leading global players, we import, distribute, retail and service their solutions across the country. We cater to different segments of the market, to offer customized and research-driven solutions in meeting our clients' requirements.

  • Genus is one of the leading manufactures of Sine Wave inverters in the world, using Auto Sense Intelligent Control (ASIC) to add improved harmonics to the sine wave for advanced backup and better load management – ensuring longer life and improved efficiency of the overall system. Genus is one of the fastest growing brands in Nigeria, and widely used among corporate, as well as residential, customers. We also partner with Genus for the sale of their globally acclaimed electrical meters.

  • Epsilon is focused on the Online UPS segment and on specialized inverter systems for industrial use. We cater to different industry verticals, to offer customized and research-driven solutions in meeting our clients' specific requirements.

  • Brighton is a range of products, solutions and services that enable our clients to experience power whenever they desire it-in the most cost effective way possible. The products are based on the 'triple principle' of efficient energy sourcing, storing and consumption.

  • Voltron is a range of inverters and online UPS systems that are designed specifically for the type of power conditions we face in Nigeria. The solutions retain the intrinsic qualities of their Indian technological heritage, yet are designed to operate in an environment where power outages are more frequent and long-lasting.