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Genus manufactures a wide range of modern Power Backup Systems for home, business and industrial use. Built with energy-saving Sine Wave technology, Genus products are efficient, hassle-free, safe and made to last. They also leverage Genus's proprietary ASIC technology to significantly improve performance and life of batteries as well as the products.


Genus manufactures high quality Sine Wave inverters built with advanced ASIC technology. They deliver the same quality power as the mains, and as a result ensure safety of your home and office appliances. Genus inverters also utilize proprietary technology which ensures quiet, hassle-free performance for years, and substantially longer battery life. A far superior alternative to gensets, Genus high capacity inverters allow air conditioners and other high load capacity appliances to function safely during power cuts. The Sure Sine Wave Technology, in addition to ASIC (Auto Sense Intelligent Control) ensures total safety of high capacity appliances.

Online UPS

When even a millisecond of power failure can jeopardize entire operations, when even the smallest faults can affect sensitive equipment, you need the protection of a reliable online UPS that ensures continuous and uninterrupted power supply. Genus Pure Sine Wave Online UPS provides uninterrupted power supply and prevents damage to hardware and loss of data during mains-line failures, mini-blackouts, voltages fluctuations, lightning, electrostatic discharge and rapid over-voltages.


Genus supplies high performance, zero maintenance batteries ideal for use with UPS and Inverters. These batteries are reliable and economical for all types of inverters that are used for a variety of domestic and office applications. They are especially designed to support long and frequent power cuts. Loaded with various advanced features, Genus batteries ensure a tension-free, nonstop life!

Metering Solutions

With an installation base of over 22.5 million meters, Genus is a market leader in modern energy metering solutions. Genus offers a wide range of customisable products and services for utilities as well as specialized products for power trading companies, industries and housing communities. Genus complements its comprehensive range of modern energy metering hardware with proprietary software to build smart solutions for the smart new world.